LogicMonitor is SaaS-based performance monitoring application for IT teams to optimize performance across their deployment.

LogicMonitor Datastream

How data moves through LogicMonitor.

The Collector

A Single Java Application

The Collector is an agentless Java application that you install on a server on your network. It can run on a VM, Windows, or Linux server and is always encrypted.

Quickly Deploy

Install the Collector on your server to begin monitoring your infrastructure quickly and easily.

Auto-Add Devices

With just an IP address, the Collector will detect and monitor the device automatically.

LogicMonitor Engine

Architecture built for massively scalable data collection and analysis. Fast refresh rates give you insights into the data at any time. Automatically discover host changes. Stream data from datacenter, cloud, and vm.


LogicModules are pre-built bundles of systems data, logic, visualizations, trends, and alerts designed to monitor the technologies in your stack.

Our IT engineers build and continuously hand-tune LogicModules to include the latest best practices and intelligence needed to monitor your systems.

LogicModules can be interacted with as widgets you can add to your dashboard. For more control, the settings of each LogicModule can be adjusted.

Explore Technologies

Custom Graphs

With our powerful custom graphing widget, you can graph and correlate any collected performance data based on your own logic and rules.

Graph anything from a single datapoint to dozens of complex performance metrics together, based on advanced variables that you define.

You can also gather and stream custom data via most common network protocols and data interpreters straight into LogicMonitor.

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The Collector runs on one machine inside your firewalls, and makes outgoing only encrypted connections to the LogicMonitor servers.

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