EA Collector 32.200

LogicMonitor EA Collector 32.200 is released on June 27, 2022 and includes the following updates and fixes. Enhancements In addition to CyberArk single account, we have now extended support to CyberArk dual account. This method eliminates delays such as password rotation that may be encountered when using CyberArk single account. LogicMonitor now automates the OSS … Continued

EA Collector 32.100

LogicMonitor EA Collector 32.100 was released on June 3, 2022 and includes the following updates and fixes: Enhancements We made the following improvements to the Netscan policy: You can now configure Netscan policies individually to include or exclude network and broadcast addresses when scanning CIDR ranges.  We added a new toggle on the Netscan UI. … Continued

EA Collector 31.200

LogicMonitor EA Collector 31.200 was released on March 31, 2022 and includes the following updates and fixes: Enhancements LogicMonitor Collector now monitors and identifies changes in the jar files shipped during the Collector installation. Changes are highlighted on the Collector status page. Upgraded Amazon Java Corretto to version On the Logs page, you can … Continued

EA Collector 31.100

LogicMonitor EA Collector 31.100 was released on February 17, 2022 and includes the following updates and fixes. Enhancements Made improvements to LiveHostSet implementation of data store using chronicle map. This will reduce chronicle map corruption and ensure that script cache will remain after Collector reboot. Added support for three new LogicModules: Windows Events Logs Collection, … Continued

EA Collector – 30.104

LogicMonitor EA Collector 30.104 was released on October 19, 2021 and includes the following updates and fixes. Enhancements Certified the Collector to run on RHEL OpenShift. Syslog collection for LM Logs now supports TCP. Linux Collector uninstaller now cleans up logicmonitor-collector-jre.conf. Added MongoDB 4.1.0 driver. Increased out-of-the-box NetFlow performance. Collector now loads custom JDBC JARs … Continued

EA Collector – 30.102

LogicMonitor EA Collector 30.102 was released on July 20, 2021 and includes the following updates and fixes. Enhancements ADDED Beta Support for the new Thycotic Secret Server Integration. It works similar to the CyberArk integration and shares most of the same functionality. See the Credential Vault for LM Collector. IMPROVED the Credential Vault Integration to … Continued

EA Collector – 30.101

LogicMonitor EA Collector 30.101 was released on June 9, 2021 and includes the following updates. Updates ADDED support for High Security mode (HSM). Users can choose to install in HSM or Orchestration Compatibility Mode (OCM). The default is OCM.  HSM changes the permissions on the Collector installation folder so that only the owner and root/Administrator … Continued

EA Collector – 30.100

Changes Added an agent.conf directive (vault.credentials.refresh.delay) to control the Credential Vault integration cache expiration refresh delay. Added JMX metrics for monitoring the CyberArk AAM Credential Vault integration. Added two agent.conf properties (sse.collectorgroup.jvm.locale and collector.jvm.locale) to allow tweaking of JVM locale, which is sometimes needed to correct date parsing in some locales. The default for both … Continued

EA Collector – 29.109

Updates Fixed an issue in EA 29.107 where upgrading failed if the Collector is running as root. Upgrading from EA 29.107 Note: This issue only applies to upgrades if the Collector is running as root. To upgrade from EA 29.107 if you’re running it as root, you’ll need to first go to the LogicMonitor portal … Continued

EA Collector – 29.108

Updates Added integration support for external credential management using CyberArk Vault. See Credential Vault Integration for the LM Collector.