EA Collector 35.300

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

LogicMonitor EA Collector 35.300 is released on March 05, 2024. It is based on the previously released EA Collector 35.200 and includes the following additional updates.


  • You can now use the PowerShell script updateToNonAdmin.ps1 to migrate Windows collector running as admin to run as non-admin user without uninstalling the collector or losing any data. The non-admin service users now have only the necessary set of permission for monitoring devices. Additionally, they are added to two groups – Event Log Readers and Remote Management Users.

Note: This feature is applicable to fresh installations and existing collectors upgraded to EA 35.300 and later which are currently running as admin user.

As part of this improvement, we have also added a PowerShell script rollbackToAdminUser to roll back Windows collector to run as admin user.

  • Added the following matrices for monitoring ingestion of SNMP traps as LM Logs. They are used in LogicMonitor_Collector_LMLogs datasource.
    • SnmpTrapsAuthenticated
    • SnmpTrapsFilterIgnored
    • SnmpTrapsWithInvalidPeerAddress
    • SnmpTrapsReceived
    • SnmpTrapsSentToIngest
    • TotalTimeTakenToProcessTraps
    • TimeTakenToProcessOneTrap

These matrices are compatible only with EA Collector 35.300 and later. If the collector version is earlier than EA 35.300, the matrices return ‘No Data’.

  • While installing collector through proxy using command prompt, when the prompt asks a question Do you want to set up a proxy now? the expected input values are YyN, or n. If you input any value other than one of the expected values, the prompt display a message Need input as Y (yes) or N (no). If you continue to enter invalid input for three times, the prompt exits the installation process with a message Max attempts reached. Exiting.
  • You can now add special characters &%, and ! to the the jdbc.postgres.pass property for the Postgres database.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed collector performance issue that occurred after upgrading to GD 35.000 which lead to OutOfMemory errors and collector restart in some small and medium collectors.
  • Fixed a security issue related to SNMP debug command.
  • Upgraded version of the Netty/Handler 4.1.100.Final to Netty/Handler 4.1.104.Final for a minor security update.
  • Fixed an issue of missing logs. To do so, we fixed the WrittenTime range in the Where clause of the WMI query.