EA Collector 35.400

Last updated on 29 April, 2024

Feature Highlights

  • Launched LogicMonitor Data Publisher Service
  • Launched MIBs to JSON Converter Utility
  • Auto Conversion of Linux Collectors to Non-root Users during Upgrade
  • Renewed LMSignCert
  • SNMP Trap Translation Improvements

LogicMonitor EA Collector 35.400 is released on April 29, 2024. It is based on the previously released EA Collector 35.300 and includes the following additional updates.


If you have collectors that are active since past 6 months but are below the minimum required version MGD Collector 33.007 (released on October 6, 2023), we request you to upgrade your collectors to the MGD Collector 33.007 or a later version by May 16, 2024. Post this deadline, collectors which are below the MGD version will stop sending data to the LogicMonitor platform. Additionally, due to changes in the authentication mechanism of the platform, after May 16, such collectors will not be able to communicate with the LogicMonitor platform.


Launched LogicMonitor Data Publisher Service

We have introduced LogicMonitor Data Publisher service under the Beta program. It is an integrated service with an ability to extract and send real-time datasource metrics to a third party destination. Currently, the service supports integration with Kafka. If you want to participate in Beta and access this feature, contact your LogicMonitor CSM. For more information, see LogicMonitor Data Publisher Service in the product documentation.


Launched MIBs to JSON Converter Utility

Starting with EA Collector 35.400, you can use the MIBs to JSON Converter Utility to convert the MIB files to JSON files. In the collector, the utility is located at [LogicMonitor Collector Directory]/bin/snmpMibsToJsonConversionUtil. This Python-based utility is designed to convert the custom MIBs (which LogicMonitor does not support out-of-the-box) to enterprise JSON files, which the collector then uses to translate the SNMP traps. For more information, see Translating SNMP Traps Using Custom MIBs in the product documentation.


Auto Conversion of Linux Collectors to Non-root Users during Upgrade

When you upgrade Linux collectors to EA Collector 35.400 or later version, the Linux collectors which are currently operating under root account user are automatically migrated to non-root account user.


Renewed the LMSignCert

LogicMonitor has renewed the LMSignCert which is used to sign the Collector installer and Windows binaries.

Note: Collector will continue to function as designed and no action is expected from customers.


SNMP Trap Translation Improvements

Enterprise JSON files (converted from custom MIBs using the utility present in the [LogicMonitor Collector Directory]/bin/snmpMibsToJsonConversionUtil directory) present in /snmpdb/custom directory are used for SNMP trap translation along with the enterprise JSONs present in the /snmpdb/core directory. For the common enterprise JSON files present in both the core and custom directory, if common traps or OIDs are present in these files, the SNMP traps are translated using the JSON file present in custom directory. For exclusive traps or OIDs, the SNMP trap translation will work as per the corresponding JSON file.


Prevent Npcap Module Installation

When installing Windows collector in silent mode, you can use the parameter /np to prevent the collector installer from installing the Npcap module.


Added Support for ojdbc11-

EA Collector 34.500 supports the oracle_jdbc-1.1.jar by default. However, if you want to use the ojdbc11-, go to the wrapper.conf settings and replace ../lib/oracle_jdbc-1.1.jar with ../lib/ojdbc11-


Upgraded TLSv1.3

Upgraded the TLSv1.2 version to TLSv1.3 for a secure communication between collector and LogicMonitor portal. To override the default TLSv1.3 version, add the property httpapi.tls.version=TLSv1.2 to the agent.conf settings.


WinRM Improvements

To solve the scaling issues, WinRM now uses SBProxy for data collection.


Non-admin Configuration Improvements

To simplifying Windows non-admin configuration, you can now use a single script Windows_NonAdmin_Config.ps1 instead of multiple scripts.


Enhanced Field Mapping for Ingestion of Syslog as LM Logs

Facility, Severity, and Application from a Syslog are added by default through the agent.conf flow (lmlogs.syslog.enabled=true) for log ingestion.


Enhanced Resource Mapping for Ingestion of SNMP traps and Syslog as LM Logs

When the SNMP traps and Syslog are processed for log ingestion through the agent.conf flow (lmlogs.syslog.enabled=true and lmlogs.snmptrap.enabled=true), the collector adds system.hostname, system.sysname, and system.ips for resource mapping. If either of these properties match with a resource, the resource is mapped with the log. The keys and their corresponding values are given in the following table.


Added httpapi.tls.version Property

Added a property httpapi.tls.version to the agent.conf settings. Its default value is TLSv1.3.

Resolved Issue

Fixed an issue where after upgrading to EA Collector 35.100, script based modules with Groovy version v4 failed.

Resolved Issue

Fixed an issue where due to the missing [jsoup.jar] file during the downgrade process, the collector failed to downgrade from GD 35.000 and EA 35.200 to a previous version.

Resolved Issue

Fixed an issue where collector did not use the resource properties to authenticate SNMP traps if no LogSource was applied on the resource for ingestion of traps as LM logs. With this fix, resource properties are used for trap authentication, even if no LogSource is applied on the resource.

Resolved Issue

Fixed an issue where EventSources that have the same filter condition, capture SNMP traps event for one of EventSources and failed to capture for the other EventSources and did not receive an alert for that trap.

Resolved Issue

Fixed an issue where the Configure option of the deprecated Configure utility was displayed in the Start menu > Logicmonitor folder.