EA Collector 34.500

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

LogicMonitor EA Collector 34.500 is released on November 01, 2023. It is based on the previously released EA Collector 34.400 and includes the following additional updates.


  • The following SNMP properties were compatible with only SNMP v3. We have increased their scope and they are now compatible with both SNMP v2c and v3.
    • snmp.shareThreads.impl.initialCheckDelay.minutes 
    • snmp.shareThreads.impl.checkInterval.minutes
    • snmp.shareThreads.impl.switchport.enable
  • For Windows Event Logging LogSource, in the Exclude Filters and Include Filters sections, we have enhanced the Level attribute. In addition to ErrorWarning, and Information filters, you can now also filter logs using the Security Audit Success and Security Audit Failure filters.
  • Collector now supports a new LogSource type SNMP Trap. It enables collector to ingest SNMP traps to LogicMonitor logs without configuring alerts.
  • In addition to Groovy lib v2, collector now also supports Groovy lib v4. Starting with EA Collector 34.500, you can use both Groovy lib v2 and v4. The first line is added as a comment (//) to define the groovy version to run the script.

Groovy lib v2

println "version=" + GroovySystem.version

Groovy lib v4

println "version=" + GroovySystem.version

If you do not define the version comment, by default the script uses Groovy lib v2.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where when the DataSource script file name exceeded the Java character limit of 260 characters, PollNow and data collection failed. The fix ensures uniqueness of the file name and keeps it under the character limit.
  • Fixed a security issue related to the use of Here-Strings format in PowerShell script.
  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading Linux collector to GD Collector 33.006, the value in the Service Group field was overwritten. This prevented Logicmonitor-agent service from starting when the group was non-existent. After implementing the fix, Logicmonitor-agent service is able to start successfully. This is applicable only to the collectors running as non-root, and where the non-root username and group name are different.
  • Fixed an issue where the script for PropertySources failed due to credential vault enhancements done in the previous release. After implementing the fix, the script for PropertySources utilising the vault for credential management will collect data as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where if there are instances with same name but different case (for example, wildvalue_0 and wildValue_0) then during data collection wildvalue name collision created duplicate key error. This affected not only the instances with conflicting names but all other instance in the module. After implementing the fix, data collection for all other instances will happen without any hindrance. Secondly, out of the 2 instances with wildvalue name collision, only one instance will collect data.
  • Fixed an issue where due to an enhancement done in the previous release stability and performance issues were observed in SPSE because of storing host properties in hashtable whenever the script was run.
  • Fixed an issue where the proxy ping failed due to internet disruption. To reset the session, you had to restart SBProxy. We have fixed this issue.