EA Collector 34.300

Last updated on 07 August, 2023

LogicMonitor EA Collector 34.300 is released on August 07, 2023. It is based on the previously released EA Collector 34.200 and includes the following additional updates.


  • It was observed that because there was no configuration for the maximum number of threadpool, it was limited to a minimum number of threadpool. Also, the queue limit for the Windows event tasks was not defined. To bridge the gap, we added the following parameters along with the queue size.
LogSource TypeWinEventSyslog
Min thread pool size parameter(existing)logcollector.wineventlog.threadpooleventcollector.syslog.threadpool
Max thread pool size parameterlogcollector.wineventlog.max.threadpooleventcollector.syslog.max.threadpool
Queue sizelogcollector.wineventlog.queueeventcollector.syslog.queue (existing)

The values vary as per the collector size. 

Collector SizeMinimum ThreadpoolMaximum Threadpool Queue Size
Small/ Nano102010000
  • We have improved the Heap and Non-heap memory of small and medium size collectors for SNMP v2c. 
    • Medium size collectors – Added wrapper.java.additional.24=-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=756m to wrapper.conf 
    • Small size collectors – Added wrapper.java.additional.24=-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=128m to wrapper.conf. Updated wrapper.java.maxmemory=1024 (old value) to wrapper.java.maxmemory=756 (new value)

Fixed Issues

  • Upgraded version of the following JAR for a minor security update.
Current JAR VersionUpgraded JAR Version
  • Fixed an issue where spaces in the script path used in the Windows wrapper javascript command arguments led to errors. To fix the issue, you can now use a placeholder in the command line argument. The placeholder is prefixed with a dollar sign ($) and the name and value of the placeholder is passed as an optional argument. Optional argument must follow the format: "<Placeholder Name>=<Value>"
    For example,
cscript.exe C:\lmbatchjobwrapper.js host myJob "powershell.exe -file $arg1" "arg1=C:\Program Files\Test Space Folder\Powershellcmd2.ps1"

Here, arg1 is the placeholder( $arg1 ) used in the command line argument and "arg1=C:\Program Files\Test Space Folder\Powershellcmd2.ps1" is the optional argument.