UK Modern Slavery Act

Our commitment to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.

LogicMonitor, Inc. (“LogicMonitor”, “we” or “us”) is committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.  We are pleased to issue this modern slavery and human trafficking statement in compliance with Section 54 of the United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“Act”) and to reflect our support of human rights worldwide. 


LogicMonitor is a cloud-based infrastructure monitoring services company that provides services to companies in a wide variety of industries globally.  We are a U.S. based company with headquarters in Santa Barbara, California and offices worldwide including London, U.K.


In compliance with the Act, we believe there is no modern slavery in our own organization or in our supply chain.   LogicMonitor employees are required to comply with ethics and integrity policies made applicable to all employees and that are set forth in our Employee Handbook which is designed to ensure employees support our values and abide by applicable laws and regulations.  All employees are required to read, understand and agree to our Employee Handbook as part of their employment obligations. LogicMonitor’s policies and procedures are continuously reviewed and updated to address  applicable legislation in the countries where we do business.  As with any company policy, disciplinary procedures are included and are aligned to discourage any violation of LogicMonitor’s policies and applicable laws.


LogicMonitor’s supply chain is wide and varied, with a strong technology focus.  We abide by labor and employment laws in the jurisdictions where we employ people and operate a robust recruitment program including conducting eligibility to work checks for all employees.  As an IT services provider, LogicMonitor uses very little unskilled labor. We therefore believe that the risks of modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain are minimal as compared to many other industries. LogicMonitor nevertheless takes such obligations seriously and has a zero-tolerance stance in relation to use of slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain and will terminate relationships with any LogicMonitor vendor that we learn engages victims of slavery or human trafficking. 


We intend to take the following steps to combat slavery and human trafficking:


  1. Promulgate a new Code of Conduct referencing the U.K. Modern Slavery Act of 2015;
  2. Implement a Supplier Code of Conduct that, in part, prohibits the use of slavery and human trafficking;
  3. Notify and present to existing vendors the Supplier Code of Conduct and remind them of their obligation in relation to the prohibition of modern slavery;
  4. Incorporate anti-slavery and human trafficking obligations in our procurement and service agreements; and
  5. Provide training to relevant employees to ensure understanding of the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking.


Further, we will endeavor to continue to monitor potential risk areas with our supply chains and address issues if they arise.


This statement has been approved by the LogicMonitor Board of Directors.  This statement is issued for the financial year 2019 on behalf of the Company and its subsidiaries, including  LogicMonitor UK Limited.


Kevin McGibben
President and Chief Executive Officer