Monitor Everything. Everywhere.

Network Monitoring

Monitor your entire network, not just part of it. LogicMonitor automatically discovers and monitors all components of your network. Compatibility with thousands of technologies ensures coverage for complex networks, whether resources are on-premises or spread across multiple data centers or customer environments.

  • Load Balancers, Application Delivery Controllers
  • Wireless Devices and Access Points
  • Firewalls, Routers, & Switches
  • VoIP equipment
  • WAN accelerators
  • AWS ELBs and more
Network Overview Dashboard

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor your entire hybrid infrastructure with one SaaS platform. LogicMonitor provides in-depth metrics for dynamic cloud services while providing comprehensive coverage for existing on-premises infrastructure.

  • Automatically monitor Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and more.
  • Go beyond basic vendor-supplied metrics and gather performance data via the LogicMonitor Collector, with many collection mechanisms including cloud provider SDKs and cloud APIs.
  • Get application-level data from cloud services. For example, get Requests per second, Status, Response Time, and Busy vs Idle Workers from an Nginx instance running on an AWS EC2 server.
  • Correlate cloud service performance with the rest of your infrastructure
  • Track and analyze billing information for your cloud subscriptions
AWS Performance Dashboard

Server Monitoring

Monitor your on-premises, virtual, and cloud servers, as well as the applications they’re running, to ensure performance and availability. LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on:

  • Uptime
  • CPU and Memory Utilization
  • Operating system monitoring for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and more
  • RAID controllers, physical drives, battery systems, interfaces
  • Power supplies and power load metrics
  • Fans and motherboard state
  • Blade systems from IBM, Dell, HP, etc.
Server Overview Dashboard

Virtualization Monitoring

Virtualization lets you rapidly provision new systems. LogicMonitor automatically discovers and monitors your entire virtual environment, including a virtual machine’s operating system, applications, and storage systems backing the datastores.

  • Memory, CPU Load, Ballooning, Co-Stop, VMkernel Swap Rates, Disk Latency, Disk Data Rates, Disk IOps, and more
  • Application-level Insights (IIS, MySQL, Apache, Kafka, etc.)
  • Datastores, Resource Pools, and OS-level Metrics
  • VMware-specific monitoring for vCenter, ESX/i Hosts, and individual Virtual Machines, including ESX and ESXi Hardware Health
  • Microsoft Hyper-V performance tracking at the Hypervisor and individual virtual machine level
Network Overview Dashboard

Storage Monitoring

LogicMonitor provides critical visibility into your storage systems like NetApp, PureStorage, and EMC and allows you to correlate their performance with other key infrastructure components to optimize application availability. LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on:

  • Every Active Interface, CPU Usage, Disk Activity, IO/Second, Cache Age
  • Per Volume Space
  • Per Volume Read and Write Latency, IO Operations/Second and Throughput
  • Health Checks for Disk, Fan, and Power Supply Failures
  • Identify resource utilization at the aggregate level, construct overview graphs, and identify if a volume is impacting the performance of other volumes.
Storage Overview Dashboard

Application & Database Monitoring

Comprehensively monitor all your applications and databases in minutes. No scripts to install, no libraries to configure, no need to manually figure out what to monitor. LogicMonitor will automatically discover your apps, including databases, and track all the significant metrics.

  • Databases (MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server)
  • Mail MTAs like Exchange
  • Java and Java applications
  • Web servers (apache, Nginx, IIS) and proxies (HAProxy)
  • Memcached and other NoSQL apps
  • And more!
Application Overview Dashboard

A few of the 1000+ technologies we monitor

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