Customer Benefits

​See how companies ranging from SaaS to Service Providers
use LogicMonitor to succeed in their IT Operations.

Improve Ops Efficiency

Deploy fast, boost productivity, reduce costs and complexity.

Real Business Insights

Gain confidence with data-driven insights to make better decisions.

Keep Customers Happy

Deliver an optimal end-user experience to your customers.


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SPS Commerce

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Unified Connexions

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CPI Solutions

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Apollo Endosurgery

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Improve Ops Efficiency

Fix things faster, boost team productivity, automate deployment, and reduce IT costs and complexity.

Reduce Costs & Complexity

Simplify your monitoring tools by bringing everything to a unified, cloud-based full-stack performance monitoring platform. Our included alerting and prediction tools help you reduce downtime and lower your overall IT spend.

Deploy Fast with Automation

LogicMonitor detects changes to your infrastructure and automatically adapts as you grow. Automatically synchronize new deployments using our integrations with Puppet, Ansible, and more.

Boost Team Productivity

Our powerful alert engine helps your team fix problems faster by routing and escalating alerts to the right people, while adapting to fit the workflow that's best for your team.

Predict and Prevent Problems

Our capacity planning tools help you predict and plan your IT spending to reduce your TCO. Forecast performance metrics to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Keep Customers Happy

Real-time performance metrics help ensure an optimal end-user experience and service quality for your customers.

App Availability

Track app and website availability and uptime from sites around the world.

SLA Reporting

Generate SLA reports and create custom SLA metrics based on your own SLA needs.

Alerts & Trends

Use alert escalations and predictive tools to catch issues before they cause outages.

Synthetic Transactions

Track business-critical on-site transactions in your apps and websites.

Real Business Insights

Gain confidence with real-time visibility, reports & data-driven insights for smarter decisions.

Business Metrics

Ensure availability of business-critical transactions like shopping carts or registrations.

Data-Driven Insights

Report and forecast performance metrics for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Executive Dashboards

Get executive-level metrics and visualizations about your overall performance.

BI Tool Integrations

Export business relevant metrics for BI tools like Splunk and Microsoft Power BI.

Improve Ops

Improve team efficiency and operational performance.

Improve Ops

Insights to optimize performance.

Powerful reporting, prediction, and site monitoring tools uncover opportunities to improve operational and IT performance.

  • Capacity Trending
  • Data Forecasting
  • Custom Reports
  • Synthetic Transactions

Improve Response

Fix problems faster with your team.

Resolve issues before they reach the people you serve. Build alerting workflows that fit to how your team responds best.

  • Escalation Chains
  • SMS/Voice/Email Alerts
  • Team Workflows
  • Alert-Based Ops Notes

Improve Collaboration

Collaborate with teams in your organization.

Collaborate with the Dev, Support, QA, and Business Executive teams in your organization using the tools they already use.

  • Ticketing Systems
  • Messaging Systems
  • Secure Datastream
  • Export to BI Tools

Improve Success

Chat with an engineer from inside our app.

As engineers ourselves, we know collaboration is the key to success in IT. It's why we put a chat with engineer button right in the app.

  • 24/7 365 days a year Engineer Chat
  • Professional Services
  • Custom Scripting
  • API Integrations

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