Postfix Monitoring

Need visibility into your Postfix mailserver's performance and load? Have a set of Postfix MTA’s you need to monitor in the aggregate? Need alerts informing you if mail is dropping below normal levels, or bounces are above normal? LogicMonitor provides this along with a view of your whole server and infrastructure, so it’s easy to determine where exactly any bottlenecks are – and resolve them before they impact end users.

With LogicMonitor, you not only get comprehensive monitoring of Postfix, but the whole server:

  • track Postfix specific throughput, queues and errors
  • tune custom thresholds – be alerted if mail activity drops or is too high, or bounce rate increases as a percentage of mail
  • track server CPU load, interface throughput
  • discover all file systems and physical disks, and automatically alert on them
  • all the metrics you need to assure your services are working as they should

Just a few of the critical Postfix metrics we monitor:

Postfix Queue Depth

Track the active and deferred queue size of one postfix server – or of a hundred. Get alerted if your queues grow too large. Correlate your queue depth with incoming mail and bounces.

Incoming mail

Track, trend, and alert on mail received by Postfix, whether it came from the local system, or from remote SMTP servers. See at a glance how much incoming mail was rejected and receive alerts if levels are too high.

Sent Mail

Track mail sent by Postfix, whether delivered locally, to an IMAP/POP system like dovecot, or to remote SMTP servers. Correlate bounce activity for each channel. Troubleshooting has never been easier!

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