Reinstalling a Linux Collector

Below are example steps for reinstalling a Linux collector. 

As root user:

1. Navigate to the collector agent bin directory from the command line on the collector host OS. The default is path is /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/bin.

[[email protected] ~]# cd /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/bin/

2. Execute sbshutdown to make sure the services are not running.

[[email protected] bin]# ./sbshutdown

3. Uninstall the collector by executing

[[email protected] bin]# ./

4. Change directory to desired collector installer download location.

[[email protected] bin]# cd

5. Navigate your browser to

replacing ACCOUNT with your portal name. Select your down collector and click the download collector at the bottom.

6. Copy the bootstrap curl download command and paste it into your ssh session with the collector host to download. 

[[email protected] ~]# curl -o LogicmonitorBootstrap64_8.bin ""

7. Make the download executable.

[[email protected] ~]# chmod +x LogicmonitorBootstrap64_[COLLECTOR #].bin

8. Execute bootstrap binary to install collector

[[email protected] ~]# ./LogicmonitorBootstrap64_[COLLECTOR #].bin

9. Verify Watchdog and Collector Agent are running.

[[email protected] bin]# ./logicmonitor-watchdog status
[[email protected] bin]# ./logicmonitor-agent status


Complete Reinstall