Deleting and Restoring Devices

Deleting a Device

Devices are deleted from the Devices page. Upon deletion, LogicMonitor provides a seven-day grace period in which you can choose to restore a deleted device and all its data.

To delete a device:

  1. Navigate to the device in the Device Tree.
  2. Click the Manage button in the top right corner of the Devices page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage dialog that appears and click Delete.

  4. From the prompt, select the Delete from the system? option and click Delete.

    Note: From this prompt, you could alternately choose to remove the device from its parent group. This does not delete the device, but rather, removes it as a member of the parent group that is currently active in the Device Tree. If the device is a member of other groups, those relationships will remain intact. Devices cannot be manually removed from dynamic groups. For more information on Device groups, see Device Groups Overview.

  5. Upon deletion, as discussed in the next section, the device and all its data is moved to the Recently Deleted folder, where it will remain available for recovery for seven days.

Restoring a Device

When a device is deleted, it will be held in the Recently Deleted folder for seven days. During this time, users with manage permissions on the root directory (typically administrators), have the ability to restore the deleted device and all its data. (Deleted device groups are also held in the Recently Deleted folder; see Deleting Device Groups for more information on deleting device groups.)

Note: Cloud devices that have the automatically delete terminated aws/azure resources option configured are NOT recoverable.

To restore a device:

  1. From the Device Tree, open the Recently Deleted folder.

  2. Locate the device you would like to restore, place a checkmark to its left, and click Recover.

    Note: Use the filters and search tool at the top of the Recently Deleted folder to quickly locate the device you would like to recover.

  3. Click Ok at the confirmation prompt.
  4. LogicMonitor restores the device and all its data.

    Note: LogicMonitor will attempt to restore the device to the same state it was in at the time of deletion, but if its condition—or the conditions of associated LogicModules (e.g. DataSources, EventSources, etc.)—has changed since deletion, LogicMonitor may not be able to exactly match the previous state upon restoration.