Disabling Monitoring for a DataSource or Instance

You can disable monitoring for a particular DataSource on a device, a particular instance of a DataSource on a device, or for all devices in a device group using the DataSource. Because disabling monitoring will stop data collection and also suppress alerts, we recommend that you consider the following first:

  • Are you disabling monitoring because of noisy alerts?  Should you be disabling alerting or adjusting thresholds instead?
  • Is the DataSource incorrectly applied to the device?  You can change the Applies To field for the DataSource so that it no longer applies to devices of this type (NOTE that you should do this with caution, as this will delete historical data for devices that no longer apply).

To disable monitoring for a device DataSource or instance, navigate to the desired DataSource or instance and toggle the Enabled option to "OFF", as shown next.

To disable monitoring for a DataSource for all devices in a device group, navigate to the desired device group, open its Alert Tuning tab, and uncheck its corresponding box located in the Enable column, as shown next.