Adding device groups

Device groups are created and managed from the Devices page:

To add a device group, go to Devices Tab | Add | Group  from the top of the device tree. 


The name will display in the device tree and will be used as a reference in reports and dashboards.

 Note that device group names cannot include the operators and comparison functions listed on this page.


The description of the group will be displayed on hover in the device tree.  

Enable alerts

If alerting is enabled, alerts will be generated if a threshold is exceeded by any device datapoint in the group.  Disabling alerting allows data to be collected without alert generation.  Alerts can also be disabled at the device, datasource, and datapoint level.

Auto-assign devices

Automatically assign devices to this group based on device type, device group, device name or based on a custom query that utilizes LogicMonitor's scripting language.  Devices currently in your account, as well as devices added to your account in the future, will be assigned this dynamic group if they meet the specified criteria.

Note: unlike when determining datasource associations, the properties used by LMS for evaluating whether a host is a member of a dynamic group are only the properties of the host itself - not any inherited properties from groups it is a member of.

Enable Network flow analysis for this group

Selecting this box will enable collection of Netflow data on all devices assigned to this group.

Parent group

Assign a parent group if the new group will be a subgroup.

Devices and collector

Manually assign devices that will appear in this group.  Cannot be used with auto-assign devices.


Properties defined at the Group level will automatically be inhereited by group members if properties are not assigned at the subgroup or member level.