Getting Started

Credentials for Accessing Remote Windows Computers

If the Collector is running as an account with rights to connect to the remote computers, no further credential modification is needed.

If the account the credentials for the Collector service do not have access rights to remote computers you want to monitor, you can explicitly provide the credentials. Specify the wmi.user and wmi.pass properties, globally, for a group, or a specific host. Set the properties to the username and password of a user with administrative rights on the computers to be queried. For more information on how to set these properties, see Defining Properties and Authentication Credentials.

It is possible to use a local nondomain account on a remote computer that is a domain member. This is not recommended, even if the account is in the Administrators group. Doing so will subject the WMI access to UAC filtering in Vista and later OS's, limiting the data that can be collected. You may also trigger account lockout alerts.

Please note that remote perfmon collection is not supported when using SYSTEM accounts, regardless of pdh.user/pdh.pass property usage.