ConnectWise Monitoring

Compatibility & Requirements

- Set the following host properties to begin monitoring. 

- SOAP (v1.5 & 2.0)
- manually add 'ConnectWise' to system category

- REST (v3)
- manually add 'ConnectWiseV3' to system category

Generating An API Key (REST)

  1. Navigate to the top right corner in ConnectWise portal and click 'My Account'
  2. Navigate to 'API Keys' and click the + icon to add a new item.
  3. Add a Description and click on the 'Save' icon.
  4. A public key and private key are now generated and become visible.
    • *NOTE* : The private key is only available at the time the key is created. Please make a note of it.
  5. Save both the Public Key & and Private Key as host properties as mentioned previously.

Setup Instructions

- Follow these steps in order to configure your ConnectWise host.

  1. Ensure your ConnectWise host is added to your LogicMonitor account.
  2. Set all necessary properties on the host (see requirements above)
  3. Manually set a system category according to which version you plan to use: 
    1. REST  - 'ConnectWiseV3'
    2. SOAP - 'ConnectWise'
  4. Navigate to Settings > LogicModules > DataSources > Add > From LogicMonitor Repository
    1. Import ConnectWise DataSources
  5. Done


Name Type API
ConnectWise_System_Info PropertySource REST Gathers ConnectWise system information such as version, cloud status, server timezone and licenses.
ConnectWise_CompanyOverview_v3 DataSource REST Monitors the company contacts and service ticket metrics.
ConnectWise_CompanySalesActivity_v3 DataSource REST Lists all ConnectWise companies and sales activity counts.
ConnectWise_Invoices_v3 DataSource REST Lists all open ConnectWise Invoices along with their due date and value.
ConnectWise_SalesOps_v3 DataSource REST Time information for sales opportunities.
ConnectWise_SalesOpsByRep_v3 DataSource REST Opportunity status totals for each sales representative.
ConnectWise_SalesOpsByStatus_v3 DataSource REST Monitors sales opportunity count by status.
ConnectWise_StaleTicketsByServiceBoard_v3 DataSource REST Monitors the number of stale tickets that have been open but not updated in the past 5 days.
ConnectWise_TicketOverviewByCompany_v3 DataSource REST Lists all active ConnectWise Companies and Open/Closed/Total ticket counts, along with some average time metrics.
ConnectWise_TicketOverviewByServiceBoard_v3 DataSource REST Lists all ConnectWise Service Boards and Open/Closed/Total ticket counts, along with some average time metrics.
ConnectWise_TicketOverviewByServiceBoardNoChildren_v3 DataSource REST Lists all ConnectWise Service Boards and Open/Closed/Total ticket counts, along with some average time metrics.,Child tickets are filtered.
ConnectWise_TicketOverviewByTicketOwner_v3 DataSource REST Lists all ConnectWise Ticket Owners and Open/Closed/Total ticket counts.
ConnectWise_TicketStatusByServiceBoard_v3 DataSource REST Monitors ConnectWise ticket statuses by service board.
ConnectWise_TicketsWithoutResponseTimeByServiceBoard_v3 DataSource REST Monitors the number of tickest that are open but have no response time.
ConnectWise_TicketTypesByServiceBoard_v3 DataSource REST Number of ticket types for each service board.
ConnectWise_Service_Board_Statistics DataSource SOAP ConnectWise Service Board ticket statistics
ConnectWise_Ticket_Statistics_by_Representative DataSource SOAP Ticket statistics per active ConnectWise representative.
ConnectWise_Ticket_Resolution_Statistics_by_Representative DataSource SOAP Ticket resolution stats per representative averages from 10 most recent closed tickets.
ConnectWise_Ticket_Status_Statistics DataSource SOAP Gathered statistics from different ticket statuses.