Quick Reference for Remote Tools Monitoring

Last updated on 27 March, 2023

As companies around the globe ramp up their work from home capabilities, LogicMonitor has seen a significant jump in need for the monitoring of VPN, VDI, and other remote working technologies. The following table represents the technologies and metrics we’ve seen the most requests for and their corresponding DataSources.

Technology Metric DataSource
Cisco ASA User counts CiscoASA
Number of VPN sessions
VPN user utilization
Citrix XenApp Concurrent users Citrix_XenApp_DeliveryGroups
FortiGate Client VPN sessions Fortinet_FortiGate_ActiveIPSecVPNTunnels
VPN user counts Fortinet_FortiGate_SSLVPNStatsByVDOM
VPN connections Fortinet_FortiGate_ActiveIPSecVPNTunnels
VPN traffic
Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN users connected PaloAlto_GlobalProtect_Gateway
Remote Desktop Gateway Number of users currently connected via a Remote Desktop Gateway server. RD_Gateway_Connections
Slack Slack service status Slack Services Status
Slack Events (EventSource)
StatusPageIO Service status StatusPageIO_System_Status
VMware Horizon VDI environment Capacity VMware_Horizon_ConnectionData
Zoom Active users Zoom_User_Stats
Overall status Zoom_Service_Status