Raw Data Tab (New UI)

Last updated on 24 August, 2022

The Raw Data tab displays all the data returned for the defined datapoints of an instance. This information is useful for diagnosing an issue that has been identified in a graph or alert. It also provides insight and context to help you evaluate which other graphs or alerts may be helpful.

By default, the Raw Data tab displays the polls for the previous hour. You change the time range to increase the polls returned. For more information, see Changing the Time Range.

The following actions are available from the Raw Data tab:

  • Refresh—Clicking the Refresh button refreshes the Raw Data table to ensure that it is up-to-date in accordance with the most recent collection cycle.
  • Download CSV—Clicking the Download CSV file exports the Raw Data table information into a CSV file.
  • Poll Now—Clicking the Poll Now button causes the Collector to poll for new data. After troubleshooting, you can select this option rather than wait for a full polling cycle to pass in order to verify a datapoint value has returned to normal. The Poll Now action has no impact on alert evaluation. Alerts will only clear in accordance with the Collector’s normal polling cycle. In addition, values gathered from the Poll Now action are not reflected in the Raw Data table.
  • Open Debug Window—Clicking the Open Debug Window button launches the Collector Debug Facility. You can use the Collector Debug Facility to troubleshoot unexpected DataSource information. For more information, see Using the Collector Debug Facility.