Recipient groups

Similar to a mailing list, recipient groups enable you to define one entity that references several escalation chain recipients.  Each recipient group includes one or more recipients, where each recipient includes a user and a contact method.  This enables you to specify one recipient group instead of several individual recipients in an escalation chain.  

You should consider using recipient groups if you are specifying the same recipients over and over again in escalation chains.

Adding, Editing & Deleting Recipient Groups

You can add, edit and delete recipient groups from Settings | Alert Settings | Recipient Groups.  

  1. select the Add button to add a recipient group
  2. select the Manage gear icon to edit a recipient group
  3. select the trash icon to delete a recipient group



The name of the recipient group.


The recipients included in the group.  For each recipient you'll need to specify a user and a contact method.  

Arbitrary Emails

Email addresses not listed within your LogicMonitor account can be added to this field.