Remote Session

Introduction to Remote Session

Remote Session provides a secure way to remotely access and operate on devices within your LogicMonitor account.

The session uses RDP (for Windows) or SSH (for Linux devices) to establish a communication stream between your account and the Collector monitoring your device. This is all done via a secure SSL connection.


  • Remote Session will not work if "RDP Security Layer" is enabled for Window Server 2008's Remote Desktop.
  • If working with non-Windows or Linux devices (ie. Cisco Controllers), you will most likely use SSH to establish communication. However, you may need to manually do one of the following to ensure a proper connection:
    • ensure default SSH configurations are in place.
    • enable the username/password access for the SSH on the device.  

Access Controls

Remote sessions do not change the underlying authentication and access control of the device operating system, but they do allow you to access the device in situations where it may not otherwise be possible.


  • RDP or SSH must be enabled on the computers to which you will connect
  • Remote sessions can be disabled on an account wide basis under Settings | Account Information
  • Remote Session is defined as a separate privilege available under Role Based Access Control.  A role can be given the ability to run Remote Sessions on all devices, those in a specific group, or no devices at all.
  • Remote Sessions can be disabled on a Collector, regardless of any account settings. To do so, navigate to Settings | Collectors and select the Manage icon for the desired Collector. In the Collector Management window, click on  "Collector Configuration."  Check the "Override agent.config" box and add the following line to the agent.conf file: remotesession.disable=true. Click Save and Restart.

    Access Controls

  • Two properties relevant to Remote Session can be set on devices: "remotesession.protocol"=[RDP or SSH] and "remotesession.port"=[portnumber]. Setting the former will allow LogicMonitor to auto-determine the appropriate protocol, whereas the latter will allow us to auto-determine the port number required to RDP/SSH into the device (particularly helpful if it is a non-standard port). 

Initiating a Remote Session

To enter a remote session:

  1. Go to your Device Tree and select the device you wish to access. Once in the device view, click the "Manage" arrow and select Remote Session from the dropdown menu.

  2. A new browser window will open. You will be prompted to enter the Account and Password for your device.

    Note: LogicMonitor does NOT currently support SSH Key authentication or Network Level Authentication on Windows.

  3. Once in the Remote Session, select Control+Alt+Shift to open the copy-and-paste functionality or directly input new command lines.