General Deployment Collector (Optional) – 20.0

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

General Deployment Collector 20.0 is an optional collector update.   It includes all features added in the 19.x early release collectors, and will be the foundation for the 2016 mandatory collector update.  The primary focus for collector improvements has been to support 1000 typical devices per collector.  With GD 20.0, we are nearly there!

Data collection optimizations:

  • SNMP, Ping and Windows event optimizations to support 1000 devices.
  • Optimization for large Netapp clusters to avoid collection tasks getting stuck in a waiting state

AWS Improvements

  • Enhanced ElastiCache Active Discovery
  • Restructuring of AWS S3 billing data collection to use CloudWatch data

Other Improvements

  • Mongo driver was updated to 2.13.0
  • Updated the ESX active discovery script to ignore IDs, allowing for discovery of all VMWare systems
  • Option to ignore NetFlow timestamps, commonly needed by SonicWall devices that do not report the current time in a common format.
  •  Optimized SNMPv3 to fail over to SNMPv2 and SNMPv1
  • Webpage collector improvements to avoid connections remaining open
  • Corrected TaskCountInQueue metric

Bugs Fixed

  • Correction for async SNMP collection timeouts, overall improvements for snmp v3 async data collection
  • Validation added to avoid blank device or group properties interfering with data collection
  • The collector was reporting an unknown mongo status error in place of the correct timeout status