Minimum Required Collector – 27.005

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

We’re announcing Collector version 27.005 as the new minimum required (MGD) Collector. It will be available Wednesday, December 5th, 2018.

We’re confident that this version is stable, and we encourage you to upgrade your collectors to this version (or higher) at your earliest convenience.

If you do not upgrade before February 26th, 2019, your collectors will be upgraded automatically. It is recommended that you upgrade prior to this date in case an issue occurs during upgrade that requires your attention.

Here are the improvements we’ve made since 27.004:



  • Since 25.200, nonexistent OIDs in AD filters would cause an instance to be filtered out of AD unless the filter was using the NotExist operation. This would lead to unexpected behavior when using other operations like NotEqual, NotContains, and RegexNotMatch. Nonexistent OID responses will now be treated as empty strings (“”) when evaluating with those operations.
  • Token replacement for PropertySources now works in Groovy and PowerShell. We recommend using hostProps.get(), instanceProps.get(), or taskProps.get() in Groovy scripts for better performance than token replacement.
  • Collector will no longer fail to start if DNS resolution from the cache file fails.


  • Fixed issue where sbwinproxy would use more memory than necessary when communication to the agent was interrupted.