November Release – v.55

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

While this release is, primarily, a maintenance release, many things are being done in the back-end to support exciting new functionality that is coming soon. Much of this release was also focused around enhancing the overall performance and capacity of the system.


  • Added a new Custom Property on devices for Customizing Polling Interval
  • Changed the default alert clear template to include the clear value
  • Added the ability to sort alerts by value in the alerts tab
  • Improved the groovy api to add jmxmp protocol support, see Access JMX from Groovy, Example 3

Bugs resolved

  • Increased the length supported for Groovy script datapoints
  • Changed the User-Agent that is being used in HTTP ActiveDiscovery to “LogicMonitor”
  • Fixed the ##AlertDetailURL## token so that it works correctly for webhooks.
  • Fixed inconsistency where a user with “view dashboard” privileges could clone widgets
  • Corrected the value of the ##CLEARVALUE## token
  • Fixed the count of Dead hosts – this incorrectly counted devices with alerting disabled
  • Added a validation check on the name when Cloning a datasource to prevent special characters
  • Fixed a UI issue preventing editing a JDBC datapoint with metric type Query Status – on saving, it incorrectly set it to KeyValue type
  • Fixed logging of Importing/updating a datasource to be included the audit log
  • Fixed Active Discovery to update descriptions for the case where the new description is empty/null
  • Corrected NetApp cluster monitoring to deal with some edge cases in 8.2.2