v.109 Release: Device and LM Cloud Improvements

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Coming on the heels of our noteworthy v.108 release, which brought the highly-anticipated user-specific time zones feature to the LogicMonitor interface, v.109 is a light release. But that doesn’t mean it won’t have something to make your life just a little bit easier. Check out these upcoming improvements, which we’ll be rolling out through late August.



  • Devices no longer incorrectly marked as duplicates for NetScans. Devices were sometimes incorrectly set to duplicate status for NetScans employing the CSV upload discovery method, even though they were actually added into monitoring. The assignment of this incorrect status was causing added devices to be omitted from the NetScan’s History tab. This has been corrected.
  • Auto-hiding of Device Tree’s Recently Deleted folder. When a device is deleted, it is moved to the Device Tree’s Recently Deleted folder where it remains available for recovery for seven days. Previously, the Recently Deleted folder always displayed in the Device Tree, but it now auto-hides if no devices have been deleted within the past seven days.
  • Improved credential labeling for NetScans. The label for the field in which custom credentials can be set on the devices that are added via NetScans employing the ICMP discovery method was updated from Custom to Use custom credentials for this scan. The label was changed to make it clearer that custom credentials are only used for the NetScan they are specified for, and are not added as device properties.
  • Help details added for !hostproperty debug command. The !hostproperty debug command, which can be used to manually add, update, or delete a device’s system property, was absent from the Collector Debug Facility’s command list and help file. Details on how to use this command have now been added.

LM Cloud

  • Case-sensitive comparisons for AWS tag values. Previously, case-insensitive comparisons were performed between new and existing AWS tag values, causing changes in case to not be appropriately updated. Because AWS treats upper and lower case tag values as different (e.g. VALUE vs. value), this has been corrected.
  • Warning of instances impacted by removal of local Collector-based monitoring. When you change a Collector assignment rule for local Collector monitoring, a warning now displays that lists those instances for which local Collector-based monitoring will be removed. Because historical data (non-CloudWatch and non-Azure monitor data) is lost for a Collector when local Collector-based monitoring is removed, you may find this warning useful for avoiding unintended historical data loss.


  • Masking authentication passwords for Web Checks. The value entered into the Password field for Web Checks requiring authentication is now masked at all times.

LogicModule Releases

Below is a list of new and improved LogicModules that have been implemented since our last release:

New Monitoring Coverage

  • AWS Application ELB Target Groups – 1 DataSource
  • AWS VPC Service Limits (Trusted Advisor) – 1 DataSource
  • EMC VPLEX – 15 DataSources
    • Instructions for configuring EMC VPLEX monitoring can be found here

Monitoring Improvements

  • Cisco ASA Temperature – 1 DataSource
    • Added a script to support values of varying scales
  • LinuxNewProcesses – 1 DataSource
    • Resolved issue where an error message was obscured by a missing reference
  • Microsoft SQL Server – 1 PropertySource
    • Updated script logic to better capture and handle security mode check; added debug mode to allow for easier troubleshooting
  • Microsoft SQL Server Global Performance – 1 DataSource
    • Added datapoint ‘ProcessesBlocked’ with accompanying graph
  • WinOS – 1 DataSource
    • Units of memory and swap graphs changed to bytes; default timescale for memory graph changed to 24 hours