GD Collector 32.000

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

The GD Collector 32.000 is based on the previously released EA Collector 31.200.

LogicMonitor GD Collector 32.000 was released on June 03, 2022 and includes the following changes.


  • LogicMonitor Collector now monitors and identifies changes in the jar files shipped during the Collector installation. Changes are highlighted on the Collector status page.
  • Upgraded Amazon Java Corretto to version
  • On the Logs page, you can now view values in the “Level” column as text and not as numbers:
New ValueOld value
  • To scale Netflow collection and support more devices, the following improvements were made to Netflow configurations:
ConfigurationNew ValueOld Value

In addition, the following Netflow configurations were added:

ConfigurationDefault Value

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for Thycotic vault where a slash in credentials (e.g., abc\efg) was displayed as double slash (e.g., abc\\efg) in Collector.
  • Fixed an issue where the Collector stopped collecting data from a webpage and displayed a task timeout error when it was redirected from a website/web server to another website that had an extra forward slash ( / ) at the end of the URL. To fix the issue, the webpage.normalize.uri property was added to the agent.conf file and set the value to “true”. This allows customers to manually normalize the redirected URL.
  • Fixed a security issue that occurred when the ##WMI.PASS## property used with a single quote ( ‘ ) in the Powershell script exposed the WMI password in the script file.
  • Fixed an issue that led to instance grouping failure when the Regular Expression group method was used for empty strings.
  • Fixed an issue where the JDBC driver did not load properly. To fix the issue, the following properties were added to the JDBC data collection settings in the agent.conf file:
    • forced.register.jdbc.drivers.enable = true
    • forced.register.jdbc.drivers.list = Name of the drivers. For example, com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDriver
  • Fixed an issue where modules that relied on ScriptCache to store relatively large payloads failed on the latest EA Collector 31.100. To fix the issue, in the agent.conf file you must set value of the property collector.script.cache.isPersistence to “false” to enable “in-memory” implementation of script cache. To avoid this issue in EA Collector 31.200, the collector.script.cache.isPersistence property is set to “false” by default.
  • To resolve scalability and performance issues identified with SSE, we have temporarily disabled SSE starting with EA Collector 31.200. For all new Collector installations in EA 31.200 for Windows and Linux (bootstrap and full-package) the default configuration groovy.script.runner has been set to “agent”.
  • Fixed an issue with Windows EventSource alert suppression. Alerts are now suppressed based on the event id.
  • Fixed an issue where for Windows Collector the log file EventSources sometimes failed to alert on the last lines. To fix this issue, the eventcollector.logfile.autoAppendEndOfFile property was added to the agent.conf file and its value is set to “false” by default. You can manually set it to “true” to auto append carriage return to consider the last line.