Inventory Tab (New UI)

Last updated on 26 April, 2024

The Inventory tab displays all resources in a group. 


The Actions drop-down appears when you select one or more of the resources from the Inventory tab.

The following actions are available:

Add SDTAdd or edit scheduled downtime (SDT) details. For more information, see SDT Tab.
Move to GroupRemove the selected resource (or resources) from the group and move it to another group. You can type to search using the Filter Group field.
Add to GroupAdd the selected resource (or resources) to another group. This action does not remove the resource from the current group.
Remove from GroupRemove the selected resource (or resources) from the group.
Change Preferred CollectorChange the Collector settings for the selected resource (or resources). For more information, see Managing Collectors.
DeleteDeletes the selected resource (or resources). The resource will appear in Recently Deleted Items for seven days and then permanently deleted.

Inventory Tab Toolbar

The Inventory tab includes a toolbar for searching and filtering resources, downloading data, or to show/hide columns in the table.

The following tools are available on the toolbar:

SearchType a term in the Filter Resources field to search.
Add FilterUse the filter to filter the table by OS Version or IP Address.
Download CSVDownload a CSV version of the Inventory table.
Show Table SettingsOpens the Column Settings dialog, where you can show or hide any of the columns in the Inventory table.

Viewing Resource Details

Click on a Resource in the Inventory tab to open it in its detail view.

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