April 2013 Release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

The v41 release will be rolled out to customers over the next two weeks.

New Features

To enhance alert details and custom alerts we have added the following tokens:

  • For all Alerts:
    ##HOSTDESCRIPTION## – Text description of host
  • Agent Alerts:
    ##AGENTID##  – ID associated with the collector
    ##AGENT_DESCRIPTION## – Text description of collector
    ##BACKUPAGENTID## – ID associated with the backup collector
    ##BACKUPAGENT_DESC## – Text description of backup collector

New alert templates have been added to ensure critical information is included in alert messaging. Custom alerts will not be impacted by these changes. The new templates include:

  • Service Alerts – Triggered by a service value based on checkpoint and start time
  • Agent Down Alerts – Triggered if LogicMonitor has not received any data from a collector
  • Agent Failover Alerts – Triggered if a collector fails over to a backup collector
  • Agent Throttled Alerts – Triggered if the number of alerts exceeds the threshold within a set period of time

The generic alert clear template has been replaced with a per template default.  All cleared alerts will include the original alert subject and body.

  • EMail and SMS template:
    Subject:  ***Cleared*** <original subject>
    Body:  *** This condition has been cleared
    <original alert body>
  • Voice Messages:
    LogicMonitor reports this alert cleared.  <original alert message>

ESX VM Snapshots are now available as a DataSource. Monitor the age and size of VMware snapshots as well as VMs with the oldest snapshots and those consuming the most space.
User Management:

  • Administrators can logoff all users from Settings | Roles and Users
    Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.50.02 AM
  • Administrators can force users to update passwords, for additional security and audit compliance.  The force password change checkbox is available from Settings | Roles and Users | Edit User.  When selected the user will be logged off and forced to enter a new password at login.
  • Role changes now displayed in access log


  • Generate JPEGs directly with the getGraphImage API call


  • Enable deletion of groups with host members, hosts no longer assigned to a group will display under the main company node
  • Alert severity filter incorporated into NOC widget
  • Drop down displays for country code when adding a user’s phone number
  • Ability to set the content type for custom HTTP alerts to form data, URL encoded form data, JSON, XML or plain text
  • Datasources that used the reserved word ‘time’ have had the datapoint name updated to ‘responseTime’.
  • Improved XenServer monitoring performance, added Xenserver 6.0 compatibility
  • Re-enabled ability to update your billing information under settings | account information
  • Retrieve all paths for a host using getHost or getHosts
  • Test alerts available for the email custom delivery method, webhooks and voice calls
  • Added in VMWare snapshot monitoring datasource. Import from core.logicmonitor.com

Bugs Corrected

  • ConnectWise integration was hanging on authentication for customers with a large number of Service Boards
  • More corrections of typo’s, better input validation for forms, more informative error messages, etc
  • Event Sources – Reason for update not required in all cases
  • A variety of improvements in SiteMonitor, especially where checking JSON content
  • Corrected an issue that caused multiple batch jobs in a group to be disabled incorrectly
  • Voice call alert acknowledgements no longer add “Confirmed ” in comments
  • Corrected an issue that caused MongoDB active discovery method to fail if authentication was required
  • Host group inventory will only represent each host once regardless of group and subgroup membership
  • Host group inventory reports will retain wildcards for host group filters
  • Alert acknowledgement were being incorrectly applied to previous occurrences of the same alert
  • Group level user privileges now apply to all member hosts.  Privileges are not affected by the host being a member of other groups even if the user has no privileges for the other groups.
  • Complex datapoints were sometimes calculated incorrectly when there was no data on a component datapoint
  • SubGroup alert thresholds were not being applied correctly if Group thresholds existed
  • Added ability to re-enable ‘View and ack alerts for *’ for ackonly role
  • “Manage Scheduled Downtime” from top right button does not function
  • Dashboards require users to have host permissions, if a user does not have rights to view a host included in a dashboard widget they will receive a permission denied error
  • Corrected an error that caused metric trend reports to fail with an exception occasionally
  • Corrected a bug that caused alerts to not respect the alert clear transition interval in all cases.
  • Site monitor now supports checking sites with 256 bit encryption
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the disabling of monitoring or alerting at host group level