EA Collector – 26.200

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 26.200 released January 26, 2018 includes the following:


  • Support for the upcoming v101 release feature enhancement Property Sources will support PowerShell scripts.
  • With this version of the collector Windows 2003 is no longer supported and will be blocked by installation and upgrades.
  • When using regex to define instance grouping during active discovery, we allow useValue to define the field (name or value) that will be evaluated against the regular expression. However, there are more possibilities that could be used than just name or value. We now allow useValue to equal an instance level property (i.e. useValue=”auto.PortSpeed”) or instance description.
  • Poll Now for JMX datasources now have more detailed error messages.
  • Service Checks now support the ability to identify SSL errors and halt on them as separate actions.  Therefore the check can identify the SSL error, but continue to confirm the rest of the service functionality.  Use 26.200 to use this feature with Internal Service Checks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a situation where upon uninstall of the collector the Windows Service was not removed, which would prevent re-installation.