EA Collector – 27.750

Last updated on 14 September, 2022


  • HTTP collector AD will not append default ports (80, 443) to the “Host” header. Most browsers, and the !http debug command did not append the port to the “Host” header, leading to discrepancies in cases where the remote server could not handle the appended port in the “Host” header.
  • Syslog collection now supports timestamps with microseconds.
  • The collector will delete the locally stored NetFlow database if the file exceeds netflow.datadir.maxSizeInMB directive in agent.conf when NetFlow initializes. This will prevent NetFlow from using excessive collector disk space.
  • When Poll Now fails for Ping, SNMP, or WMI collection, the collector will try to diagnose the problem and include suggestions (as well as the command used to diagnose) in the result.
    • Ping diagnosis calls your collector OS ping binary.
    • SNMP diagnosis uses binaries included with the collector.
    • WMI diagnosis uses PowerShell’s Get-WMIObject Cmdlet.


  • Fixed handling of gzip encoding with the webpage collector.
  • Patched CVE-2016-5725 on JSch 0.1.53.