EA Collector – 28.300

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Better monitoring of overall memory and CPU usage via a new Collector DataSource.
  • Reduce collector memory usage for Active Discovery history.
  • Linux collector will create a non-privileged logicmonitor user to run the collector when non-root is selected.
  • Support for running system’s snmpwalk and snmpget commands (useSystem=true)
  • Reduced SSE memory usage for Internal Web Checks
  • Improved WMI error handling logic to avoid gaps and return the real error code in more cases
  • Test Active Discovery for SNMP now returns diagnosis commands for both getNext and getBulk
  • Improve JMX data collection logic to avoid potential data gaps when invalid connections were errantly cached
  • Improved the uninstaller to completely remove the Collector in some scenarios where it was only partially uninstalled


  • Fixed potential memory leak with the ESX collector
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows Collector device name was shown incorrectly as “Unknown”
  • Fixed issue where syslog collector used excessive memory
  • Fixed the error that created a useless folder in the install directory