EA Collector - 28.400

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Added support for Test EventSource (SNMP trap, syslog, logfile) functionality
  • Collector now runs on Amazon’s Corretto JDK 11
    • Notes:
      • With this change, we’ve dropped support for 32-bit operating systems
      • At least initially, this will incur a roughly 10% increase in CPU and memory usage. We’re working to reduce this in future versions.
  • !logsurf debug command now provides additional log context from sbproxy.log (for WMI, Perfmon, and Ping tasks)
  • Improved PropertySource scheduling to avoid CPU spikes
  • The installer on Windows now confirms a successful install to avoid silent failure
  • Improved NetFlow performance by removing extraneous logging
  • Upgraded AWS SDK from 1.11.431 to 1.11.548 


  • Fixed !tplist “STATUS” field that would show OK despite there being an error