EA Collector – 28.601

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Fixed issue with watchdog that would prevent the collector configuration from being edited in the UI
  • NOTE: If you’re upgrading from 28.600, the watchdog issue above will prevent a normal upgrade. There are two options to workaround the watchdog bug to update to 28.601:
    • Uninstall the collector from its host, download collector 28.601 from the portal (you don’t need to delete or recreate the collector object in LogicMonitor) and install it on the host.
    • Open the collector debug window and run the !restart command to restart the collector. This will temporarily fix the environment (until the next automated collector credential rotation) and allow you to upgrade via the portal.
      • Restarting the collector via the drop-down UI menu won’t work for the workaround
      • Collector credential rotates every 24 hours