EA Collector – 29.102


  • EventSource deduplication can be deactivated to not suppress cases where the EventID matches but the message differs (this is configured from the EventSource record, but requires this Collector version or higher).
  • Adjusted the output text width of Collector debug information (as displayed in various locations in the UI such as Collector Debug Facility or test script), making Java exception text easier to read.
  • IPFIX flow records lacking required fields are now properly discarded.
  • VMware detection now correctly differentiates between vCenter, ESXi, and workstation.
  • The Collector installer now depends on `od` instead of `xxd`, which will fix issues installing the Collector on RHEL.
  • We’ve removed the following Java libraries from the Collector:
    • Dom4j-1.6.1.jar
    • Commons-ssl-1.0.jar
    • Commons-httpclient-3.1.jar
  • Fixes

    • Fixed issue causing sbproxy to continuously restart on Windows Collectors when collecting Windows Event Logs.
    • Fixed issue where NetScan timeout in seconds was interpreted as milliseconds, causing unexpected timeout conditions.
    • Docker Collector installation now works for EA.

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