Container Monitoring 7.1.0

Last updated on 14 May, 2024

Feature Highlights

  • Support for Kubernetes 1.29
  • Hide Replica Parameters for Argus and CollectorSet Controller

Support for Kubernetes 1.29

LM Container Chart version 7.1.0 is now certified for compatibility with Kubernetes version 1.29.



Hide Replica Parameters for Argus and CollectorSet Controller

The replica parameters for argus and collectorset-controller are concealed and cannot be modified through Helms charts. This avoid producing any accurate results for replicas of argus or collectorset-controller pods.

Resolved Issue

Fixed an issue of mounting collector-id file as volume for argus pod, initially causing intermittent collector pod failures.

LogicModules Releases

New LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(4 ConfigSource)



Gathers yaml config details of Kubernetes Deployment, Daemonset, Statefulset, Replicaset objects.

Updated LogicModules

LogicModule Name Details
(1 DataSource)
Fixed a rare OpenMetrics parse error.

Next Steps

For more information on the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading LM Container Charts.