EA Collector – 24.085

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 24.085 will be released June 2, 2017, and includes the following:


  • Support for IPFIX for network traffic monitoring. Note: by default, the Collector listens for netflow data on UDP port 2055. To listen on an additional port, simply update the netflow.ports setting in the Collector’s agent.conf file. For example, if your device exports IPFIX to port 4739, set “netflow.ports=2055,4379”.
  • For snmpwalk, we now allow you to specify the SNMP port on the device. This is useful when troubleshooting a device that uses a different port than the default 161.
  • Increased the value of script.collector.timeout and batchscript.collector.timeout to 120 seconds. Note that if this value is larger than the polling interval, the Collector will use the polling interval as the timeout instead.
  • In EA23.076, we decreased the frequency of the Collector’s periodic restart from every 8 hours to every 24 hours for newly installed Collectors. Upon upgrading to EA24.085, existing Collectors will get this change as well.
  • If the Collector finds an error in its configuration file (such as duplicate keys), it will now write an event to the Collector events log explaining the issue. For example: “There are some duplicated items or gaps in file wrapper.conf. Please check the following configurations [sse.jvm.additional, wrapper.java.additional, wrapper.java.classpath].”
  • We have added a few helpful events to the Collector Events log:
    • “Scheduled an upgrade from [currentVersion] to [newVersion].”
    • “Collector will restart as part of upgrade.”
    • “Agent successfully restarted.” (this indicates that the Collector has successfully started back up, regardless of the reason for restart)
  • Added a configuration in agent.conf to disable getbulk for SNMP. If your device has issues implementing the SNMP getbulk PDU, you can set the parameter to “true” to use getnext instead (snmp.nogetbulk=true).

Bug Fixes:

  • We have improved the logic behind detecting if a device is a Collector device (system.collector=true). Please note that when choosing a preferred Collector for a Collector device, ensure that you select the Collector installed on that device. If the Collector device is monitored by a different Collector, we will not recognize it as a Collector device.
  • Fixed a bug causing Test Script to fail for groovy scripts containing a ##POLLINTERVAL## token.
  • The default timeout for Service Checks was causing high CPU in some cases. We have increased this timeout from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.