EA Collector - 27.600

Last updated on 14 September, 2022


  • Syslog EventSources now recognize and correctly parse Cisco’s flavor of syslog.
  • Efficiency improvements to the built-in NetApp collector.
  • Trimmed down some excessively long collector event messages.
  • Efficiency improvements for PowerShell scripts.
  • More insightful error messages from Poll Now.
  • NetScan script timeout is now configurable in agent.conf (defaults to 60 seconds).


  • Fixed issue where sbproxy would not restart timely when a collector was restarted from the UI.
  • Fixed issue where sbproxy would be errantly terminated.
  • Fixed a NetFlow bug that would cause data to be discarded if the device id was too large.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented PowerShell scripts from running after upgrading to 27.500.