GD Collector 34.003

Last updated on 18 September, 2023

LogicMonitor GD Collector 34.003 is released on September 18, 2023. It is a patch to the previously released GD Collector 34.002 and includes the following additional updates.


  • The Selenium Synthetics Step Monitoring feature is added to GD Collector 34.003. To access this feature, you must have Platform v.187 (or later) and GD Collector 34.003. With this feature every Synthetics web test is represented as a resource in LogicMonitor. A web test is further divided into steps and collector monitors the steps to give accurate status of each step.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading Linux collector to GD Collector 34.002, the value in the Service Group field was overwritten. This prevented Logicmonitor-agent service from starting when the group was non-existent. After implementing the fix, Logicmonitor-agent service is able to start successfully. This is applicable only to collectors running as non-root, and where the non-root username and group name are different.
  • Fixed an issue where the ActiveDiscovery for PropertySources failed due to vault enhancements done in the previous release. With the fix that we have implemented, ActiveDiscovery for PropertySources utilising the vault for credential management will collect data as expected.
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