Update to NetApp Cluster Mode datasources for 8.2.2 and later

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

NetApp changed the names and availability of some of the performance objects referenced by the NetApp API in 8.2.2 and 8.3.
To deal with the changes, we recommend all customers import the new datasources NetApp Cluster LIFs- and NetApp Cluster Performance post 8.2.2, and also import the changes to NetApp Cluster Performance from the core repository.
We’ve replaced the NetAppInterfaces_Cluster- datasource with NetApp Cluster LIFs-, so it uses the LIF object, instead of the  ifnet object. NetApp seems to have removed the ifnet performance object in 8.2.2.  This means that after updating to 8.2.2 or later, interfaces will not be discovered or monitored, and history will no longer be visible using theNetAppInterfaces_Cluster- datasource. However, the Logical Interface objects are present, and can be monitored, from 8.0 onwards, so it’s good to start using this datasource now, so there is performance data visible both pre- and post- any upgrade. You can import this new datasource, and start collecting on any Netapp cluster.
In 8.3, NetApp replaced the system object with the system:constituent object. The datasource NetApp Cluster Performance post 8.2.2 uses this object for performance data.  The updates to the existing NetApp Cluster Performance datasource modify the appliesTo field so it does not match Netapps of version 8.3 or later. These changes can be imported without any loss – but mean that on an upgrade of a Netapp from 8.2 to 8.3, a different datasource will be associated (in order to use the different counters now present in 8.3), so the history will be lost. So be sure to save graphs of performance before you upgrade for comparison.