EA Collector - 29.107

Last updated on 15 October, 2022


  • Fixed various issues to improve performance for LM Logs and Syslog collection.
  • Fixed an issue for NetFlow NBAR that caused the Collector memory to max out.

Known Issues

  • EA Collector 29.107 fails to upgrade if the collector is running as root. This has been fixed in EA Collector 29.109. See Release Notes.

Downgrading to older versions

If you are downgrading the Linux Collector from EA 29.107 to EA 29.106 or EA 29.105, the commands are different:

To downgrade to EA 29.106, run the following commands:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/bin/nonroot_enhancements.sh
sudo /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/bin/nonroot_enhancements.sh upgrade

To downgrade to EA 29.105, run the following commands:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/bin/nonroot_enhancements.sh
sudo /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/bin/nonroot_enhancements.sh downgrade
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