EA Collector – 23.026

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 23.026 will be released February 10, 2017, and includes the following:

New Features:

  • This collector includes support for the new Poll Now button on the raw data tab in v.85. Selecting this button will cause the collector to poll for new data. When troubleshooting, you can simply select this option rather than wait for a full polling cycle to verify a datapoint. Note that “Poll Now” has no impact on alert evaluation and the data will not be shown in graphs.


  • Grouping by Instance Level Properties (ILP) in a datasource is no longer case sensitive. 
  • We have added a set of PropertySource debug commands:
    • !splist to list the latest executions
    • !spdetail to provide detailed information of specified executions
  • Improved !aplist debug command to include waiting/executing time (depending on task status).
  • We have improved our XenServer detection to use the XenAPI to prevent false detections due to ambiguous detection rules.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Collector’s Expect library was timing out when it was configured to match something specific for a large output. We’ve corrected this issue by making the matching logic more efficient.
  • Fixed an issue in EA22.253 that prevented Windows collectors from monitoring their host device via WMI due to a DNS resolution issue.
  • In some cases, disabling remote session in the collector’s agent.conf file wasn’t working properly. This has been corrected.