EA Collector – 23.076

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

EA Collector 23.026 will be released March 24, 2017, and includes the following:


  • With v87 and EA23.076, Remote Session connectivity between the Collector and LM platform will use TLS-based encryption over Port 443, instead of the previously used port 5566.
  • The Collector will now check its wrapper.conf for duplicate or disordered configurations prior to upgrading.
  • Decreased the frequency of the Collector’s periodic restart from every 8 hours to every 24 hours. This will further reduce the chance of a Collector restarting during a cache period and losing data.
  • Manually triggered Active Discovery will now be prioritized over routine LogicModule AD.
  • The !aplist debug command now shows if AP was triggered manually (“immediate”) or automatically (“periodic”).
  • Upgraded the AWS SDK to version 1.11.93.
  • In EA22.276, we made it possible to use a proxy for internal scripted services. We have added the ability to set a username and password for that proxy.
  • The Collector will now block install or upgrade if the host’s operating system is Centos 5, since this OS is no longer supported.
  • Optimized how cached Collector data gets reported in cases where data was collected for a large number of instances.
  • Added two Collector buffering settings to agent.conf:
    • reporter.persistent.queue.consumer: determines how many threads to allot for buffering
    • reporter.persistent.queue.consume.rate: determines how many data entries to report at a time

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the Collector restart process to take longer than usual in some cases due to an SNMP issue.
  • In some cases, Collector devices were not detected as Collector devices. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug causing ESX connection issues after a connection timeout.
  • Fixed a bug causing internal service checks to hang and result in spikes in CPU.
  • The “/” character was not properly escaped in internal service checks. This has been fixed.