General Deployment Collector – 22.004

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

GD 22.004 will be available September 9,2016, and includes one change from GD 22.003:  We’ve increased the default value of the option to limit Metaspace that was added in GD 22.003.  We made this improvement to ensure that Collectors running a large number of multi-instance script datasources have enough Metaspace, as running out of Metaspace could cause the Collector to frequently restart.  

We plan to announce GD 22.004 as the next minimum required Collector version towards the beginning of next week. 


  • as with previous Collector versions, this Collector requires that you enable TLS support for monitored 7-mode NetApp devices. You can enable TLS support on your NetApp devices using the command  “options tls.enable on”.
  • this Collector version no longer supports the pre-MySQL 4.1 method of password hashing