November, 2010 release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

These are the release notes for the November, 2010 LogicMonitor release, which will be applied to servers this week.

New Features:

  • Wizards! Account creation, add agent and add host wizards walk you through each step of the process
  • New Widget types: Flash widget allows the embedding of YouTube videos or other content on a dashboard
  • Batch job widget allows the embedding of batch job result status on a dashboard
  • SLA reporting
  • The Alerter can now be configured to send notifications when an alert condition clears
  • Can select sort field (host, instance, or metrics) in metric trend reports
  • ActiveDiscovery is now run automatically on system reboots, as this is one of the most likely time for drives, etc to be changed.
  • support for daily scheduled downtime
  • URLs now include timeframe information, so if you email a url to another user, they will see the same time view of the data you are looking at
  • new ActiveDiscovery JDBC method: instance list
  • Enhanced CSV post processor, allowing the extraction of data from multiple lines of CSV.
  • alert report can now be set to report only currently active alerts

UI Improvements:

  • The maximize icon on graphs has been redesigned to look less like a “close” icon
  • There is now a “Chat Now” button on every page that displays whenever any of LogicMonitor’s support staff are online – it’s now even easier to access LogicMonitor’s support.
  • Instances are sorted in the “Manage instance” dialog
  • Default throttle to “on” when creating new chain
  • Hide datasources at group level if there are no instances
  • Host not in any group now show immediately under root, instead of @not in any other group
  • Settings..Accounts Last Login now is Last Action (as people could stay logged in.)
  • Combine menu options for non-wildcard ds
  • Descriptions for custom graph widgets
  • Make the alert confirmation screen contain link to host.
  • Uniform help tooltip tags

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue with a datasource not expanding
  • Hosts in search result incorrectly displayed an  “alert disable” flag
  • It wasn’t possible to delete hosts in @search result group
  • An exit code of success was shown for batch jobs before the real exit code was reported.
  • Host count ignored hosts in no group.
  • Removed pagination and column headers that were interspersed in csv reports.
  • Now only users with “manage setting” privilege, instead of all users, are shown the agent down notification dialog on log in.