v.120 Release: New EventSource and Script Testing Tools

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Coming on the heels of our noteworthy v.119 release, which brought Auto-Balanced Collector Groups, topology mapping, and the highest number of new and updated LogicModules ever released in a single version, v.120 is a relatively light release.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t have something to make your life just a little bit easier! Check out these upcoming enhancements, which we’ll be rolling out through early June.

Heads up! New deployment windows coming soon
Beginning with release v.122 (slated for early July), we’re moving our new version deployment windows from 6-9 p.m. PT on Tuesdays/Thursdays to 6-9 p.m. PT on Mondays/Wednesdays. During deployment windows, portal interruption is typically less than one minute.

Release Highlight: EventSource Testing

SNMP Trap, SysLog, and Log File EventSources now feature testing capabilities! Similar to the testing feature that has long been in place for Windows Event Log EventSources, these new testing capabilities allow you to perform ad-hoc test runs to ensure relevant SNMP Trap, SysLog, and Log File events are being appropriately filtered and captured.

For SNMP Trap and SysLog EventSource tests, you can listen for events as they occur in real time, specifying a sending device and testing conditions. For Log File tests, you’ll specify the sending device and the number of lines to scan in the log file.

The test results identify which events would—and would not—be captured based on the filters defined for the EventSource. For more information on this new features, see Testing EventSources.

The test results identify which events would—and would not—be captured based on the filters defined for the EventSource.

Release Highlight: Dynamic Token Replacement Support for Script Debugging

The !groovy and !posh debug commands available from the Collector Debug Facility now support dynamic token replacement, allowing you to more easily debug with properties in your script.

The !groovy debug command also supports hostProps.get() to pull in properties; this is preferred and allows you to search for the device to pull properties from within the Collector Debug Facility.

EA Collector 28.300 or greater is required to take advantage of this debug enhancement.

Other v.120 Enhancements


  • Discontinuation of 32-bit architecture (coming soon). The next EA Collector release (28.400) will no longer support 32-bit architecture.


  • Table widget supports dark blue background. When selecting “solid-darkblue” as the color schema for a Table widget, the entire widget background will now be dark blue (with white text), rather than just the table header.

LM Cloud

  • Host status alerting. At the end of the v.120 rollout, host status alerting for cloud devices monitored with a local Collector will begin functioning in the same way as host status alerting for non-cloud devices. After six minutes of no successful data collection, host status alerts will trigger. You may find this useful for more comprehensive status monitoring of cloud resources monitored by a local Collector.

LM Container

  • NodePort and LoadBalancer Kubernetes services. Added support for discovering and monitoring NodePort and LoadBalancer Kubernetes services, in addition to the ClusterIP services that are already discovered and monitored.
  • Warning prompt for deletion. Added a clearer warning prompt for manual deletion of Collectors and/or Collector groups that are dynamically created and managed as a part of monitoring for a Kubernetes cluster.

LM Service Insight

  • Improved topology mapping. Relationships among service members are now only mapped for resources with ERIs (as assigned by DataSources or PropertySources). This enhancement makes topology mapping for services more meaningful.


  • Enable/disable DataSource monitoring at group level. Published the ability to enable/disable monitoring for DataSources at the group level. This functionality mirrors the UI Enable checkbox found on the Alert Tuning tab for device groups.

LogicModule Releases

LogicModules that have been added or updated since the last release.

New Monitoring Coverage

  • Cisco ASA – 1 SNMP SysOID Map entry
    • Captures non-standard ASA sysOID’s on Cisco ASA 5506 & 5508 hosts
  • Silver Peak – 1 DataSource, 1 PropertySource, 1 SNMP SysOID Map entry

Monitoring Improvements

  • addCategory_CiscoNTP – 1 PropertySource
    • Removed Cisco NTPv1 support due to compatibility issues and lack of support
  • addERI (Layer 2 Topology) – 6 PropertySources
    • Fixed issue with blocked interface names for Arista, Cisco, Device, HP Switch, Juniper, and Windows components
  • addCategory_Veeam_BackupAndReplication_PowerShell – 1 PropertySource
    • Fixed hostProp token usage
  • Aruba Status – 1 DataSource
    • Removed Cisco NTPv1 support due to compatibility issues and lack of support
  • Cisco Transceiver Sensors – 1 DataSource
    • Active Discovery and Collection script improvements; alerting improvements
  • Citrix_XenApp_(Datastore Status | HypervisorConnections | Troubleshooter) – 3 DataSources
    • Fixed hostProp token usage
  • GCP Cloud Storage – 1 DataSource
    • Added reducer type to datapoints
  • GCP Database Cloud SQL – 1 DataSource
    • Added reducer type to datapoints
  • Isilon Node Disks – 1 DataSource
    • Added support for JOURNAL status in diskStatus datapoint
  • Kubernetes Containers & Kubernetes Pods – 2 DataSources
    • Added memory usage percent alert thresholds
  • Kubernetes Ping – 1 DataSource
    • Increased polling interval frequency from 5 minutes to 1 minute
  • LogicMonitor Collector SPSE – 1 DataSource
    • Added multi-core CPU utilization support
  • Microsoft SQL Server Troubleshooter – 1 DataSource
    • Improved troubleshooting messages
  • NetApp 7mode NFS – 1 DataSource
    • Fixed average latency datapoints and graphs
  • NetApp Cluster Volumes – 1 DataSource
    • Fixed issue in Active Discovery and Collection script that prevented the discovery of high numbers of instances
  • Printer Consumables – 1 DataSource
    • Issue fixed in AD script for converting HEX properly for instance discovery
  • SNMP HR Disks – 1 DataSource
    • Issue fixed in datapoint data type
  • Veeam_BackupAndReplication_(HyperVProxyServers | BackupSync | Jobs_Backups | Jobs_ConfigBackup | Jobs_Copy | Jobs_Replicas | Repositories | VMwareProxyServers) – 8 DataSources
    • Fixed hostProp token usage
  • VMware vCenter Topology – 1 TopologySource
    • Minor script issue fixes
  • VMware ESXi Hardware Sensors & Power Sensors – 2 DataSources
    • Fixed issue with instance filtering on auto.properties
  • VMware_Horizon_(ADDomains | Applications | Certificates | ConnectionData | Datastores | DesktopPools | EventDatabaseConnection | LicenseInfo | Machines | PersistentDisks | RDSServers | Sessions | Troubleshooter | vSphereHosts) – 14 DataSources
    • Fixed hostProp token usage
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