v.124 Release: New Monitoring for mGuard, Raritan and Viptela

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

Rolling out through the end of August, v.124 brings new monitoring coverage for Phoenix Contact mGuard, Raritan power distribution units, Viptela BGP/OSPF neighbors, and Collector buffer data latency. In addition, be sure to note that this release comes with newly allocated public IP addresses for LogicMonitor.

IE11 support to be discontinued
As you may be aware, LogicMonitor is rolling out a new UI over the coming months. Due to front-end compatibility issues, security risks, and maintenance costs, this new UI will not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. The Alerts page will be the first area of the interface to receive the new UI (targeted for release in October).

If you currently use IE11 to access the LogicMonitor platform, we strongly recommend that you move to a supported LogicMonitor browser as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions in platform functionality.

v.124 Enhancements


  • New public IP addresses. Three new IP addresses have been added to LogicMonitor’s list of public IP addresses to which your firewall should allow access:

    If you are whitelisting all IP addresses (vs. whitelisting the DNS of *.logicmonitor.com), please update your whitelist to include these addresses. For more information on LogicMonitor’s public IP addresses, see LogicMonitor Public IP Addresses and DNS Names.

LM Cloud

  • Improved EventSource alert messages. Improved the formatting of alert messages (as displayed in the Resources/Alerts pages as well as in alert notifications) for the AWS Service Health, Azure Service Health and GCP Service Health EventSources. Previously, key details were compressed into one long message; now, details are better organized and easier to read.
  • Improved AWS ECS service name interpretation. In cases where an ECS instance contained the cluster name as part of its service name, it was omitted, resulting in an invalid path and no data collection. This has been fixed.
  • Improved GCP project ID case detection. In some cases, case sensitivity from GCP project IDs was not correctly stored, resulting in data collection and NetScan gaps. This has been fixed.
  • Improved Azure VM backup property detection. In some cases, backup item properties failed to be associated with a virtual machine due to VM name case sensitivity. This has been fixed.

LM Container

  • Proxy configuration for Kubernetes monitoring. Support for proxy configuration for Kubernetes monitoring has been added. You may find this useful if you have a cluster that requires a proxy to access LogicMonitor’s API.
  • Fixed inadequacy in Collector ClusterRole permissions. Default permissions for the Collector ClusterRole were missing deployment privileges, preventing data collection for Kubernetes deployments in some cases. This has been fixed.

Topology Mapping

  • Hide vertices for which users don’t have permissions. Previously, if a user did not have the permissions necessary to see a resource that is rendered via a topology map, a question mark icon would display as its vertex. Now, a vertex that represents a resource for which a user doesn’t have permissions is hidden from view and not displayed as a vertex on the map.

v.124 LogicModule Releases

LogicModules added or updated since the last release.

New Monitoring Coverage

  • LogicMonitor Collector Buffer Data Latency – 1 DataSource
    • Monitors delays in Collector reporting to the platform
  • Phoenix mGuard – 8 DataSources, 2 PropertySources
  • Raritan Power Distribution Devices – 3 DataSources, 1 PropertySource, 2 SysOID maps
  • Viptela BGP Neighbors – 1 DataSource
    • Monitors Viptela BGP neighbor status and messages
  • Viptela OSPF Neighbors – 1 DataSource
    • Monitors Viptela OSPF neighbor status
  • Windows Hyper-V 2016 – 2 DataSources
    • Monitors Windows Hyper-V (hypervisor and virtual machine) on 2016

Monitoring Improvements

  • AWS Elasticsearch – 1 DataSource
    • Added various new datapoints and graphs
  • Device Basic Info – 1 PropertySource
    • Fixed script which incorrectly used greater than sign (>) operator
  • LogicMonitor Collector (Active Discovery Tasks | NetScan Tasks) – 2 DataSources
    • Added datapoints for running count and execution times
  • Microsoft SQL Server System Jobs – 1 DataSource
    • Made major improvements to script efficiency and alerting
  • Viptela System Memory – 1 DataSource
    • Fixed issue in “memoryUtilization” complex datapoint
  • VMware vCenter Topology – 1 TopologySource
    • Performed Groovy safe navigation improvements; cleaned up script
  • VMware vCenter VM Performance – 1 DataSource
    • Made various efficiency improvements in the Active Discovery script