GD Collector - 28.000

Last updated on 07 December, 2022

GD Collector 28.000 will be available February 27th, 2019. This version includes everything in GD 27.001GD 27.002GD 27.003GD 27.004GD 27.005, as well as EA 27.100, EA 27.200, EA 27.300EA 27.400, EA 27.500, EA 27.600, EA 27.700, EA 27.750, EA 27.751, EA 27.800, EA 27.850, EA 27.900.

In comparison to GD 27.001, highlights of this version include:

New Features:

  • Property Sources now support token replacement inside Powershell Scripts 
  • Added support for NTLMv2 authentication using wmi.authType
  • More insightful Poll Now error messages and diagnosis


  • Remote Sessions are now supported through a collector configured to use a proxy
  • Improved metrics for SSE and Collector performance monitoring
  • Syslog EventSources now correctly parse Cisco syslog messages lacking a host
  • Cleaned up collector logging
  • Fixed an issue where SSL validation prevented Groovy scripts from running successfully

For more detailed information on what’s included, see individual EA release notes (links above).