General Deployment Collector – 22.002

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

General Deployment Collector 22.002 will be available July 25, 2016.  This Collector version is almost identical to GD 22.0, with the exception of a few bug fixes.  If all goes well, this Collector version will become the minimum version required.  Once mandatory, you will have 30 days to upgrade to version 22.002 to higher- don’t worry, we will give you plenty of warning when this happens.

The following bug fixes have been added since version GD 22.0:

  • Occasional gaps in data were observed for SNMPv3 data collection tasks relying on SNMP sessions that were shared across devices. The Collector now creates a new SNMP session for every SNMPv3 device.
  • Upgraded the Collector’s Maria JDBC Driver to version 1.4.6, to resolve CPU spikes associated with the previous driver version.
  • The SSL Certs- datasource wasn’t working correctly for devices that rely on RC4 ciphers. We’ve extended our RC4 cipher support to resolve this.


  • as with previous Collector versions, this Collector requires that you enable TLS support for monitored 7-mode NetApp devices. You can enable TLS support on your NetApp devices using the command  “options tls.enable on”.
  • this Collector version no longer supports the pre-MySQL 4.1 method of password hashing