GD Collector 33.002

Last updated on 19 February, 2023

LogicMonitor GD Collector 33.002 is released on February 20, 2023. GD Collector 33.002 is a patch to the previously released GD Collector 33.001 and includes the following additional updates:


  • The current SPSE thread count is minimum 3, maximum 10, and queue size is 10. Due to this, at a time, only 10 PowerShell processes are run, additionally 10 stay in a queue, and the remaining processes are dropped. To overcome this shortcoming, we have increased the thread count of collectors of different sizes as follows:
Collector SizeMinimum Thread CountMaximum Thread CountMaximum Queue Size

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where as part of GD 33.001 upgrade, when AWS SDK was upgraded to version aws-java-sdk-s3-1.12.264, certain AWS related datasources started to fail as the upgraded version of S3 jar was not backward compatible.
  • Fixed an issue where although collector was up and running, it did not collect data and collector status was reported as down.
  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading to GD 33.001, certain datasources if timed out during active discovery led to an exception and exited the SPSE threads. As a result, the custom PowerShell scripted PropertySources and core LogicModules started to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading to GD 33.001, for Linux non-root collector, the watchdog did not start and displayed errors when attempting to start agent and watchdog.
  • Fixed an issue where when you upgrade collector version from MGD, GD, or MGD 31.004 and later to collector version GD 33.001, the custom JAR files were reported to be lost or missing. When you downgrade the collector from GD 33.001 to any version between EA 31.100 to EA 32.100, the downgrade failed.