General Deployment Collector – 24.0

Last updated on 07 December, 2022

GD Collector 24.0 will be available on May 19, 2017. This version will be the foundation for our next mandatory Collector version, and includes everything in GD 23.0 as well as EA 23.026, EA 23.076, EA 23.102, and EA 23.200, plus one minor bug fix:

  • Linux Collector installation was timing out when a proxy was used in EA 23.200. 

In comparison to GD 23.0, highlights of GD 24.0 include:

New Features:

  • Poll Now feature on the Raw Data tab. Selecting this button will cause the Collector to immediately poll for new data. When troubleshooting, you can use this rather than wait for a full polling cycle to verify a datapoint. Note that “Poll Now” has no impact on alert evaluation and the data will not be shown in graphs.
  • The Update History tab.  This will provide much more visibility into the outcome of scheduled Collector upgrades and make it significantly easier to remedy issues related to upgrades.
  • Support for the Test Script feature in v88.
  • This Collector is the first to support Collector Downgrade, meaning any future upgrades (from GD 24.0 to a higher version) are reversible. This is a great excuse to experiment with more Early Release versions. More information on this feature will be released with v90.


  • Support for the QoS Netflow improvements.
  • Upgraded the AWS SDK to version 1.11.93.
  • Remote Session connectivity between the Collector and LM platform will now use TLS-based encryption over Port 443, instead of the previously used port 5566.
  • ESX connection improvements.
  • Several improvements to reduce response times and increase reliability of Internal Service checks.
  • Improved our Xen server detection to use the Xen API.
  • Grouping by Instance Level Properties (ILP) in a datasource is no longer case sensitive.
  • Support for both single quotes and double quotes for PowerShell scripts.
  • Increased the default value of collector.script.threadpool for optimal performance. 

For more detailed information on what’s included, see individual EA release notes (links above).