August 2011 release

Last updated on 14 September, 2022

These are the release notes for the August, 2011 LogicMonitor release, which will be applied to servers over the next week or so. (Account administrators will be notified about the applicable update time.)
Note: one UI change that may stump some people – the Datasources tab has been moved to an item off the Settings tab.
New Features

  • First release of graphical reporting: you can now embed a graph per host, or summarizing multiple hosts, in a metric trend report.  More graphical reports are coming soon.
  • Company information – accessible under Settings…Company Information and Timezone, or by clicking the company name in the top right, above your login name. Subscribe to release notes and maintenance notifications, and optionally upload your logo. As part of the upgrade, LogicMonitor will update your account with the current contacts – please check to ensure these are current.
  • addition of a MongoDB collector and datasource
  • Logfile monitoring: you can now deploy the LogicMonitor logwatcher program on windows and linux hosts, and use it to monitor application or OS log files, triggering alerts when certain strings are found.
  • You can now disable debug functionality of specific agents entirely, which may be necessary for specific agents to comply with certain security policies.
  • Host control of batch jobs: Ability to disable batch job alerting, disable the batch job, or SDT a batch job from the tool icon next to the batch job on the host view.
  • Acknowledging an alert of a higher severity now applies to lower severity alerts,  if the status drops to a lower severity without first clearing.
  • JSON and XPATH post processors to easily interpret data from JSON or XML web pages or script output.
  • Ability to see datasources differences between the LogicMonitor repository and the local datasource when importing and updating datasources.
  • Ability to put in comments when creating SDTs
  • responseTime available to script collector
  • Support ##DSIDESCRIPTION## in flexible custom graphs
  • ability to specify a sort order for the host inventory report
  • data downloaded from the smart graph is now automatically given a unique name, of the form host-graph_name-instance-time_range_str.csv

UI Changes:

  • the alert level filtering on the Alerts tab search and the alert widget now show alerts of severity equal to or greater than the severity selected.
  • datasources  now moved to the settings tab
  • Alert messages will now refer to the datasource in alert by the Display name as used in the web UI (e.g. MySQL Global Stats), not the object name (e.g. MySQL-)
  • Datapoint descriptions are now shown as tooltips when mouseover the object in alert settings on an instance
  • Improved display of IPMI and syslog events
  • Clicking an alert link no longer forces a Set Time Range operation. Time ranges have to be explicitly set.

Bug Fixes

  • graph dropping to zero at edges should be resolved
  • group column from alert tab now shows all groups a host is a member of, instead of just one.
  • a variety of display issues in IE 9 now resolved
  • overly long timeout on jdbc collector could cause some missing data due to blocking other threads
  • readonly users can no longer change the layout of dashboards
  • thresholds applied to groups were not propagating to hosts inside sub-groups.